JAX USA Conference Announced for June

JAX is Coming to America!

Sebastian Meyen

The JAX conferences will be coming to America next year, with a June conference in San Jose.

As 2010 draws to a close, we have some exciting news for 2011: JAX will be coming to North America next year! After successful runs in Germany, London, Bangalore and Singapore, JAX is bringing its established conference concept to Silicon Valley from June 20th, to June 23rd. We are proud to announce that JAX 2011 will be run in cooperation with the JSF Summit, and co-presented by JAX and, the internationally renowned portal run by Kito Mann.

For almost ten years now, JAX has been a unique success story in Germany, and a constant in the conference calendar for participants and partners. The number of attendees has grown from year to year. Together with the Advisory Board and the hundreds of speakers who have taken part in JAX, we have worked to continuously develop the conference, keeping it fresh and relevant for its ever increasing audience. We keep the everyday challenges of developers and architects firmly in mind, whilst also examining the latest emerging trends and possible future developments.

It is no secret that over the past few years we have established an excellent network in the United States. Many speakers and partners have previously asked when we are going to step into the North American market. In 2008, we tried, but the financial crisis forced us to put our plans on ice. In retrospect, this was the right decision, as many U.S conferences have since seen a dramatic drop in attendees and there are even conferences that have disappeared completely from the market.

But this time, we are determined to bring the JAX experience to America. The conference starts in June 2011 in San Jose, and we already have many exciting ideas – stay tuned! The Call for Papers is open and will run until 21st January, and we invite you to submit your proposals. Registration will open in early January. All conference information can be found at, on Twitter (@JAXconf) or via newsletter.

JAX is first and foremost committed to the Java platform, and the conference will cover all the interesting and useful technologies on this platform. Not only will this include the ‘official Java’ but also the hottest open source projects, the Apache universe, Eclipse, the many JVM languages, OSGi and Android. In addition, we will strive to listen to what the community wants, beyond technological knowledge: architectural concepts, Agile practices, build tools, testing, performance strategies and much more.

Remember that the Call of Papers is now open! We look forward to meeting you in San Jose!

Sebastian Meyen, Conference Chair

Sebastian Meyen
Sebastian is Chief Content Officer at S&S Media, the publisher of He has been actively involved with the IT industry for almost two decades. As a journalist he is constantly in touch with thought leaders in software development and architecture. He is editor in chief of the German speaking Java Magazin and program chair of the JAX conferences since 2001. Prior to joining S&S Media, he studied philosophy and anthropology in Frankfurt, Germany.

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