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JAX Innovation Awards 2014 Spotlight: Atmosphere Framework

Lucy Carey

What keeps this Java framework aloft, and what’s on the roadmap ahead?

Over the last month we’ve had many interesting and diverse nominations sent our way for the JAX Innovation Awards 2014, in the form of Most innovative Java Technology, Most innovative Open Technology, and Most innovative Open Tech Business. Community voting is open until May 12th – make sure to get yours in, and give the people making genuine waves in the industry the recognition you think they deserve. Click here to get submitting! This interview is part of a special series showcasing our final nominees.

Category: Most innovative Java Technology

Technology: Atmosphere Framework

Interviewee: Jean Francois Arcand

1) Can you tell our readers a little more about the Atmosphere Framework?

The Atmosphere Framework is the most popular asynchronous application development framework for enterprise Java. The Atmosphere Framework provides the enterprise features required to build massive scalable, real time, asynchronous and reactive applications using protocol like WebSocket, Server Side Events and traditional Ajax Techniques.

2) Can you explain what problems you solve with your technology?

Atmosphere solves portability and fast evolution of the websockets protocol and it’s different browsers/servers implementations, and help surviving evil proxies and load balancer. Atmosphere allows the developer to focus on the application logic without taking care of how the websockets protocol has been implemented, browsers supporting an old version of the protocol or when the protocol is at all. In those situations, Atmosphere transparently use a fallback mechanism to make applications work seamlessly, allowing applications to be deployed and used by all mobiles and desktop browsers.

3) Who are your main users?

Anyone interested to build websocket’s applications on the JVM. Atmosphere supports Netty Framework, Vert.x, Play! Framework, all Servlet-based servers like Tomcat, Jetty, Undertow and more, transparently. Developers have the freedom of platform choice and guarantee to have a working application everywhere, without any modifications. Developers of Real Time, Collaborative, Asynchonous and reactive applications are the main user of Atmosphere.

4) What’s on the roadmap ahead for you?

Atmosphere’s community is constantly growing and the community is now moving to add support for the STOMP protocol, quality of service features, high availability mechanism, hot deploy and remote monitoring.

Atmosphere 3, which will be a complete open source revolution, will be released next summer. Atmosphere Pro/HA will be released in May, allowing enterprises customers to monitor, ease the implementation of guarantee delivery mechanism and replicate Atmosphere state’s across a cluster easily.

5) Why do you think Open Technologies  are important for truly innovative IT?

Community around an Open Technology is the key. Atmosphere is fully open source and extremely open. The success of the project relies on the fact that it’s open, free, transparently…and on Github! The popularity of Atmosphere is growing everyday, and that’s really because it’s open source. was created to support Atmosphere’s growing community and its enterprise customers. Without the community, it would have not been possible!

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