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JAX DevOps 2017 at a glance: Program and Very Early Bird tickets

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JAX DevOps 2017

The countdown for JAX DevOps 2017 has begun. If you would like to dive deeper into topics such as container technologies, cloud platforms, Continuous Delivery, Microservices and Agile processes, this is your chance to hear top experts talk about the latest trends in this growing culture. Hurry up and save up to £200 – Very Early Bird expires in two days!

DevOps has proven to be a forceful approach to making IT-based organizations much more efficient than almost anything we’ve seen in the past. The period when only unicorns such as Uber, Spotify or Github used to practice that kind of company culture has come to an end. More and more enterprises in the traditional markets tailor their operations to a DevOps approach.

What to expect from JAX DevOps 2017

Renowned pioneers of the software industry will gather at JAX DevOps between April 3-6, 2017 in London to present the most important trends and visions for this growing movement. This innovative conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, container technologies, cloud platforms and Agile processes takes the pulse of the industry and pinpoints the influence behind new solutions that aim to soothe the growing pains of DevOps.

Meet the speakers — and their talks

Everything you need to know about DevOps  will be thoroughly explained during these talks:

JAX DevOps 2017 consists of 60+ workshops, sessions and keynotes. The hands-on power workshops which take place on April 3rd and 6th are meant to help you deepen your know-how in countless relevant technologies. You will have the chance to chat with experienced speakers and exchange thoughts on topics that interest you.

Don’t forget to secure your ticketu and save up to £200!

JAX DevOps is a four-day conference for software experts featuring in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies for lean businesses. Join the software delivery revolution for accelerated delivery cycles, faster changes in functionality and increased quality in delivery.



To read more about DevOps, download the latest issue of JAX Magazine:

People like Patrick Debois, Andrew Shafer and John Allspaw (to name a few) have given us the means to transform this group of concepts into a movement but now it’s time to focus on some of its facets: continuous delivery, business culture, cloud platforms, microservices and container technology. Let’s allow our authors to convince you that these ingredients are equally important to DevOps. Mark Hinkle, VP at The Linux Foundation will tell you what’s next for the effort to improve coordination between software developers and operations personnel while Justin Arbuckle, CTO & Agile, Lean and DevOps Transformation Leader for Sococo, Inc. will explain why measuring DevOps ROI is essential for companies that are embracing the industry’s forward movement.

Thirsty for more? Open the magazine and see what we have prepared for you.

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