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JavaOne Comes to Brazil and China; GitHub Hits 1 Million Projects!

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, bug fixes for Apache HTTP Server 2.2.16, and version 0.6 of Terracotta-based Terrastore integrates the ActiveMQ message broker for event publishing.

Bug Fixes for Apache HTTP Server

Version 2.2.16 of the Apache HTTP Server (httpd) is out now.

This is principally a security and bug fix release, which addresses an issue with a remote denial of service bug in mod_cache and mod_dav. It also fixes the handling of requests without a path segment.

Apache HTTP Server 2.2.16 is compatible with Apache Portable Runtime versions 1.3 and 1.4, APR-util library version 1.3, and APR-iconv library 1.2.

JavaOne Comes to Brazil and China

Oracle is taking JavaOne on the road!

Two additional JavaOne conferences have been scheduled. On December 7th – 9th, 2010 JavaOne will be in Brazil, and on December 13th – 16th, 2010 the conference will be held in China. The announcement promises these conferences “will be similar to JavaOne in San Francisco with keynotes and technical sessions.”

Version 0.6 of Terracotta-based Terrastore

Terrastore 0.6 has been released!

Terrastore is a document store, based on Terracotta. Terrastore is accessed through the HTTP protocol, and supports both single-cluster and multi-cluster deployments. This release integrates the ActiveMQ message broker for event publishing. It also introduces merge update functionality and implements EventBus.

A bug fix release of the Terrastore Java Client has also been released.

JDK 7 Build 102

JDK 7 Build 102 is out now.

This build fixes issues with missing semicolons in zero and ensures raw loads have control edge.

GitHub Reach 1 Million Milestone

GitHub are now hosting one million projects!

According to reports, around 60% of these one million projects are full repositories (shared folders with code spread across multiple files.) while around 40% are “gists” (short code snippets contained in a single file.)

Congratulations, GitHub!

Stay Tuned for a Return to the Old URLs!

Those troubled by the so-called “ugly” Javadoc URLs shouldn’t have to endure this eyesore much longer – Oracle’s Justin Kestelyn has announced that the redirects for SE Javadoc will be rolled back shortly!

“We are working on a more permanent solution; thanks for being loud,” he twittered.

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