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JavaFX 11 is here!

Gabriela Motroc
JavaFX 11
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JavaFX 11 has arrived with a new OpenJFX community site in tow. The GA version can be downloaded by going to the site or by accessing javafx modules from maven central at openjfx:javafx-COMPONENT:11.

Starting with JDK 11 [due next week!], the JavaFX modules are delivered separately from the JDK. Meet JavaFX 11, the first standalone JavaFX release.

The GA version of JavaFX 11 can be downloaded by going to the site or by accessing javafx modules from maven central  at openjfx:javafx-COMPONENT:11 (where COMPONENT is one of base,  graphics, controls, and so forth), according to the message announcing the release.

Keep in mind that JavaFX 11 requires either JDK 10 (which must be an OpenJDK build) or JDK 11. JDK 11 is recommended.

You can find the release notes for JavaFX 11 here

Reminder: JavaFX 11 builds on top of Java 11. You can develop JavaFX applications in two ways:

  • Download and install the JavaFX SDK
  • Use a build system (e.g. maven/gradle) to download the required modules from Maven Central.

A recent early access version of the Java 11 SDK is required for both options.

If you need instructions, check out the Getting Started with JavaFX 11 page.

Say hello to OpenJFX 12: OpenJFX to follow the same core principles of Java’s new release cadence

Gluon recently announced that they are offering JavaFX Enterprise Support, where they maintain a Long Term Support version of OpenJFX 11. Why is that, you ask? Because OpenJFX will follow the same core principles of Java’s new release cadence and development has started on the next version. This way, “developers don’t have to wait years [anymore] for a feature or bug fix to be in a released version.”

As exciting as this may sound, OpenJFX’s six-month release cadence will have the exact same problem Java has right now: not everyone wants to jump to a new version every six months. This is where the JavaFX Enterprise Support comes into play. Those who subscribe to this support package will have access to builds that contain critical or important fixes that are backported to OpenJFX 11.

The JavaFX 11 coverage will continue with a series of interviews.

Gabriela Motroc
Gabriela Motroc was editor of and JAX Magazine. Before working at Software & Support Media Group, she studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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