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Java will never retire, developers are safe

Chirag Thumar

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Two decades after its release, Java is still developers’ darling. In this post, you will get to know the real reasons that have kept Java secure and away from retirement.

Java is more than a programming language. It is a perfect development platform that has the ability to adapt and remain dynamic in the face of newcomers. Java includes worlds’ best platform for cloud development and has over 10 million developers across the world. Moreover, there are 15 billion devices and gadgets running it and fourth, and about 5 million students are studying it.

Java is used by developers who wish to launch their careers, architect the world’s best applications, explore human-to-digital interfaces, and unlock innovation everywhere.

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Java can develop projects locally and this ability has contributed a lot to its success. The substantial supply of open source and commercial libraries makes Java more portable and accessible than other options. The platform provides portability support for compiled libraries where others cannot. Java’s portability feature enables the platform to function consistently across a range of computer architectures from smart devices to high-end servers.

4 things I love about Java 

Android development platform is the top mobile platform that relies on Java-run apps and infrastructure. Android covers 82 percent of the smartphone market across the world and this level of market makes Java significant in mobile app development.

Another reason is that Java offers unparalleled reliability, performance, and speed. Internet users demand relevancy, real-time information, and instant results. Speed has become their necessity and to meet this necessity, Java is considered the best option. JVM allows Java to remain one of the fastest implementation combinations.

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Java also supports billions of code lines throughout corporations. Some of the tech giants that support Java include the likes of Google, IBM, Oracle, Facebook, eBay, etc. It is also deeply rooted in media, banks, and state, federal, and local government.

You can get backward compatibility in Java and you can hire Java developers to secure this programming language’s ability to consistently run throughout new iterations. This makes Java malleable for developers.

Regardless of its age, Java is still a preferred choice for developers and a popular programming language that won’t retire anytime soon.



Chirag Thumar

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