Visual Studio Code updates its Java support

Java on VS Code now comes with Syntax Mode and SonarLint support

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The monthly update for Java on Visual Studio Code has arrived, and it has some new features on board. Microsoft’s source code editor now includes Syntax Mode for Java, and the extension SonarLint has been added as well. An unhelpful warning, on the other hand, has been removed. Let’s see what all is new.

For Java language support, Microsoft releases an update for Java in Visual Studio Code every month.

The March 2020 update was announced by Xiaokai He, Senior Program Manager for Java on Visual Studio Code and Azure, on Microsoft’s Java blog. Let’s drive right in and see what the latest features are.

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SonarLint and Syntax Mode

The IDE extension SonarLint, which helps detect and fix issues while writing code, has been added to VS Code. Previously available in other IDEs including IntelliJ IDEA, it is popular among Java developers and has been brought to VS Code through a collaboration of Microsoft, SonarLint and Red Hat.

This gif shows how the SonarLint extension looks in VS Code.

As of the March update, you can say goodbye to the “Classpath is incomplete” warning:

VS Code

“Classpath is incomplete” warning. Source.

Xiaokai He points out that a lot of developers found this warning unhelpful. Therefore, the latest release adds a dedicated mode for reading non-project Java code—named Syntax Mode.

Syntax Mode is designed to work best for Java source files and folders that do not involve a project system. It supports Code Navigation as well as Outline features, and Syntax errors are reported.

In the PROBLEMS view, a right click on the warning shows all type errors and provides full support:

VS Code

Syntax Mode. Source.

You can then switch back to Syntax Mode as shown here:

VS Code

Syntax Mode. Source.

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Further updates in Java on VS Code include performance improvements and the option to rename lambda parameters.

The blog post lists all the latest changes.

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