Third Instalment of JAX London

Java, OSGi, Agile and Web at JAX London 2011

Jessica Thornsby

JAX London 2011 brought together more than 50 speakers from all corners of the industry.

Last week, the JAX conference series came to London for the third time, offering delegates three days packed with information on all the latest technologies, software, agile methodologies, enterprise architecture, and exciting announcements on up-and-coming releases. More than 50 speakers from all corners of the industry came together to deliver JAX London’s unique blend of technical presentations, hands-on tutorials, speaker panels, keynotes, and live coding workshops.

Java is more than just the world’s most popular programming language: Java is a culture of innovation and a rich and unique ecosystem of technologies, companies, organisations and individuals. JAX London 2011 aimed to reflect this diversity, bringing together a series of tracks that deep dived into aspects of the entire Java Ecosystem. The Agile track covered the Agile Manifesto, best practices, and user stories, and shared real-life experiences and retrospectives of Agile adoption. Meanwhile, the Java EE day gave attendees the opportunity to produce components of Java EE 6 and examined a range of technologies that occupy the Java EE space, including GlassFish, CDI and EJB. Our two previous JAX London conferences were held in cooperation with OSGi DevCon, and OSGi once again returned to JAX London for 2011, with a track dedicated to helping attendees get the most out of modularity. But, this year also saw plenty of new additions to the conference schedule, as we welcomed two new tracks to JAX London: the Spring track and Systems Integration track. The Spring day featured a keynote from SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer, in which he covered the brand new Cloud Foundry project and looked at the impact of emerging trends on enterprise application development. The Systems Integration day showed attendees methods for adding more value to their systems. And, JAX London 2011 also got a brand new location, as the conference relocated to the Park Plaza Victoria London hotel, right in the heart of London.

The conference caused a stir on Twitter, with positive tweets throughout the three days:

#jaxlondon was an awesome conference, mixture of some sublime insights, actually useful vendor announcements and humorous talks – karianna

Had a great time at #jaxlondon. Thanks to everyone involved in putting it together. Glad to see so many familiar faces and meet new ones. – sandromancuso

Great #Spring Day at #jaxlondon – thanks to all the speaker, attendees and the organizers! – ewolff

#TomEE talk very popular, speakers swamped by people asking questions at the end – great talk, great idea #jaxlondon – JR0cket

“Looks like a lot of great ideas are being exchanged at #jaxlondon. The #Java EE platform is continuing to fight misconceptions; nice.” – ALRubinger

Thank to everyone who tweeted and blogged about the conference!

JAX London saw many exciting announcements, including the new site, which was blogged about over at Adobe’s Michaël Chaize announced upcoming iOS support, expected in the June update of Flash Builder. If you missed the conference, you can check out Chaize’s slides now! SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer took the opportunity to discuss the new Cloud Forge PaaS, which was officially announced the night before. For more information on this new platform, be sure to check out our video interview with Adrian Colyer, conducted by moderator of our Spring track, Eberhard Wolff. We also had the opportunity to interview JAX London speaker and Java Product Manager at InterSystems, Iran Hutchinson, on the company’s new Globals database product, which was launched at JAX London. Be sure to take a look!

Thank you to everyone who helped make JAX London 2011 such a success! We will be returning to London for our fourth JAX London, between 31st October and 2nd November, 2011. Make sure to follow JAX London on Twitter, for all the latest news on the conference.

Lastly, if there was a speaker, technology or company who particularly stood out at the conference, why not nominate them for our JAX Innovation Awards? Nominations are currently open, and will run from 9th May, 2011.

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