Blockbuster in the making?

Java EE 7 trailer – “License to Code”

Chris Mayer

Oracle turn Steven Spielberg by offering us a spoof thriller film trailer for Java’s latest enterprise edition.


Yesterday, the newest enterprise edition of the object-oriented language we all know and love, Java EE 7 arrived.

Amidst all the fanfare, we missed this Oracle Java EE 7 trailer, entitled “License to Code”. Taking plenty of cues from the espionage and thriller genres, the slickly produced promo takes potshots at Java’s critics.

The trailer opens with our hero, Java Bourne (possibly not the character’s actual name), on the run from shadowy foes. “Someone is out there”, he says, possibly alluding to the number of alternative languages competing against Java, and that they shouldn’t run but “fight back”.

After a brief action montage, Bourne finds an army of developers in a darkened warehouse, some of which look suspiciously like Oracle employees, all of whom have been imprisoned. Our hero issues a battlecry to the collective – “It’s our language, it’s our power, it’s our future – let’s take it back.”

Suitably motivated, our Java developers take out the shiny security camera, with something which doesn’t look like Java. If it is, looks like they finally got it working on a tablet. The scene ends with the collective chanting Java before the closing credits tell us to “Make The Future Java”.

This isn’t the first viral Java video we’ve seen, with plenty conferences publishing their own pastiches each year. It’s slightly cringey and cheesy, but harmless fun. The question is, will you be using this summer’s blockbuster release?


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