VMware strengthens its mini PaaS

Java debugger added to latest version of Micro Cloud Foundry

Chris Mayer

A major update to the mini yet mega PaaS, almost a year on from its inception

The team behind Cloud Foundry have released the newest version of their portable PaaS, Micro Cloud Foundry, bringing in a raft of new features that are bound to help any developer looking to test and develop their application.

The biggest improvement in Micro Cloud Foundry 1.2 comes in the form of a Java debugging tool, designed to allow developers to debug their applications on the fly, as they would with any locally running application. The debugger allows the user to set break points in the source code, suspend and resume running applications and perform code stepping operations, as well as being able to view the application stack. In a nutshell, it basically allows them to really fully test the strength of their application and feel in control.

To enable Java debugging,  users can either push an application through the Cloud Foundry command-line (VMC) using the ‘vmc push <my app> -d‘ command option or use the built-in debugger of SpringSource Tool Suite (STS). The team say that an upcoming release of STS will strengthen the link between Java and stablemate Grails, to provide ‘seamless debugging’.

The mini-PaaS now offers streamlined offline support, meaning you can access the virtual machine wherever you are, plus all the latest versions of all languages/frameworks and services that appear on the big brother Cloud Foundry are all updated. These include Java 6, Node.js 0.4.12 and the brand spanking new node.js 0.6.8, Ruby 1.8 and 1.9. There’s the ability to enable/disable application services should you wish to.

Micro Cloud Foundry invites in some big cloud-centric services too, and they’ve been updated as well. These include MongoDB 1.8, MySQL 5.1, Postgresql 9.0, Rabbit MQ 2.4 and Redis 2.2.

For specific instructions or to find out more about these new features for Micro Cloud Foundry, visit the documentation site for an exemplary entry level to Micro Cloud Foundary. It’s available for download at, so don’t be left behind!

It’s nearly been 12 months since the portable version of Cloud Foundry came out and VMware have made big leaps towards providing comprehensive support for their mini yet mighty PaaS.

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