Watch Dr. Daniel Bryant's JAX London session

Cloud Native Communication: Using Ambassador and Consul Connect with Java Apps

JAXenter Editorial Team

Watch Dr. Daniel Bryant’s session from JAX London, the conference for Java and software innovation. In his talk, you will learn about how to integrate the Ambassador Kubernetes API gateway and the Consul Connect service mesh into your Java applications. Discover cloud native communication!

The way in which communication is handled within a cloud native application has changed over the past few years. Kubernetes has become the de facto platform infrastructure, and inter-service communication is now handled via a service mesh. This session will explore how to integrate the open source Ambassador Kubernetes API gateway and the Consul Connect service mesh into your Java apps.

  • Learn about Kubernetes ingress and inter-service communication
  • Understand the tradeoffs of using different technologies to implement cloud native communication
  • Explore how these technologies integrate well – or not – with new and existing Java applications
  • Hear about lessons learned in production, at 3 a.m., with lots of coffee


JavaDr. Daniel Bryant works as an Independent Technical Consultant and Product Architect at Datawire. His technical expertise focuses on DevOps tooling, cloud/container platforms, and microservice implementations. Daniel is a Java Champion, and contributes to several open source projects. He also writes for InfoQ, O’Reilly, and TheNewStack, and regularly presents at international conferences such as OSCON, QCon and JavaOne. In his copious amounts of free time he enjoys running, reading and traveling.

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