Jaspersoft Release First Enterprise Edition


Open source business intelligence (BI) software developer Jaspersoft has released the first enterprise edition of its business intelligence (BI) software suite.
Jaspersoft 3.7 now comes in three product edititions: Community, Professional and Enterprise.

The Jaspersoft Enterprise Edition features data integration, relational OLAP services; audit logging and multi-tenancy capabilities; new search capabilities; FLASH-based interactive chart design; auto logging for compliance tracking; a multi-tenancy deployment option; a multidimensional ROLAP component; and improved extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities.

A one-year unlimited subscription to Jaspersoft starts at $35,000. Customers can now sign up for an Jaspersoft 3.7 eGuide, which includes an in-memory analysis demo, a virgin money case study and Jaspersoft 3.7 announcement FAQ.

Meanwhile, information technology research and advisory company Gartner has claimed that open-source BI tools are no longer “the preserve of cash-strapped organisations” and that “open-source BI tool deployment is growing solidly.”

“Open source BI has seen an interesting adoption pattern over the last few years,” said research vice president at Gartner, Andreas Bitterer. “Hardly any organization looked at open-source BI until 2004, let alone deployed it to a significant number of users, but this submarket had developed nicely, having developed consistent growth rates over the last few years.”

Gartner defined organisations most likely to opt for open-source BI tools as “price-conscious midsize companies, as well as in government and the public sector, healthcare or manufacturing, and more Type B organizations with smaller budgets.” However, it reported that increasingly “independent software vendors simply use the downloadable version of the open-source BI product and add it as additional functionality in their own applications” in addition to system integrators building “implementing BI platforms (mostly reports and dashboards) as part of the contracted solution.”

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