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Father of Java James Gosling joins AWS

Gabriela Motroc
James Gosling

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James Gosling, best known as “father of Java”, announced on Facebook that he would be starting “a new adventure at Amazon Web Services.”

James Gosling, credited with creating Java, announced yesterday that he is leaving Boeing Defense (nee Liquid Robotics) and will start “a new adventure” with AWS.

Although Amazon confirmed that they have hired Gosling, they did not comment on the position the “father of Java” will be occupying, VentureBeat reported.

According to his LinkedIn profile, James Gosling is now a Distinguished Engineer at AWS.

When talking about IoT systems at last year’s IP Expo Europe, Gosling said that, in his case, “there are no cloud providers [Liquid Robotics] can use, so we end up rolling our own for everything, which is a real pain.” He also opined that there are plenty of cloud providers that would make his life immensely easier, “but convincing [a] random Coast Guard from some random country that they should trust Amazon is really, really hard.”

Long time coming?

In 2013, the father of Java joined open source cloud computing firm Eucalyptus as ‘Strategic Advisor.’

“Eucalyptus is a highly sophisticated system based on a set of web services written in Java for robustness and performance,” he explained in a press release. “As a strategic advisor, I’ll be actively engaging with the architects of Eucalyptus to advance deeply complex issues of software design for the modern cloud world.”

In March 2012, Eucalyptus struck a deal with Amazon Web Services, allowing users to migrate workloads between Eucalyptus’ private clouds and AWS. In return, AWS extended the compatibility of Eucalyptus’ AWS APIs.

“Eucalyptus and its users will benefit from his unique ability to perfect the design and architecture of highly complex systems. We are deeply honored to have an esteemed technologist like James on our team,” said the former MySQL CEO and Sun Microsystems employee.


Gabriela Motroc
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