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Jakarta EE 8 gets a release date

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It’s been almost two years since it was announced that Java EE would be moving to the Eclipse Foundation with a new name: Jakarta EE. And now, at last, we have an expected release date for the first version under the Eclipse Foundation’s banner, Jakarta EE 8. And what else is happening in the world of Enterprise Java? Let’s find out.

In the July 2019 community update, the Eclipse Foundation’s Tanja Obradovic announced that Jakarta EE 8 will be released on September 10, 2019, almost two years to the day since David Delabassee’s blog post announced that the chosen foundation for the next stage in the evolution of Java EE. Of course, such a big moment demands a celebration; on the same day, the Eclipse Foundation will hold a virtual conference called the JakartaOne Livestream.

The one-day online conference will focus on how people are using Jakarta EE to make cutting-edge technologies, and feature demonstrations of how Jakarta EE and Java EE can be used to develop cloud native solutions. All videos will be made generally available at a later date, but they encourage people attend the virtual conference live.

Namespace roadmap still MIA

In other Jakarta news, there is still no roadmap for the namespace change from javax to jakarta. Two approaches are being explored: the Big Bang approach, and the Incremental approach. Tomitribe’s David Blevins put together a presentation outlining the difficulties of both approaches – namely Big Bang’s up-front time investment and Incremental’s complex set of dependencies – in which he concludes that there might not be much of a difference between the two approaches when all is said and done. See the full transition presentation here.



Election results for working group committees

The results are in for the 2019-2020 representatives on the working group committees. As of July 1, 2019, they are:

Participant Representatives:

  • Steering Committee – Martijn Verburg (London Java Community)
  • Specifications Committee – Alex Theedom (London Java Community)
  • Marketing Committee – Theresa Nguyen (Microsoft)

Committer Representatives:

  • Steering Committee – Ivar Grimstad
  • Specifications Committee – Werner Keil
  • Marketing Committee – Still vacant due to lack of nominees

For more information about what’s happening in the world of Enterprise Java, read the full July 2019 update here.

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