“It feels a bit like playing with toys” – team lead Roland Kuhn on Akka

JAX Editorial Team
Akka team lead Roland Kuhn (right) speaks to JAXenter editor Coman Hamilton (left)

This year’s JAX Award for most innovative open tech went to Akka. Team Lead Roland Kuhn tells us what made the framework so popular and what lies on the road ahead.

“We need to distribute computation,” says Akka’s team lead, Roland Kuhn. And that’s one of the reasons the Typesafe technology has been so successful, Kuhn believes. “Concurrency and distribution are the problems you run into and we set out to solve the harder parts of these problems.”

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This is one of the reasons that the Akka framework for concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant applications on the JVM has assembled such a vibrant community since it was founded in 2010. Having picked up his JAX Innovation Award at the JAX 2015 conference in Mainz, Kuhn talked to us about the forthcoming Akka developments and what keeps the community so involved.