The impact of IoT on mobile app development [Infographic]

Colm Stafford

IoT is requiring software developers to gain a thorough understanding of not just their apps, but also the technology of things with which apps are connecting. This infographic explores how mobile app development is likely to be influenced by IoT.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with zero communications with the outside world, you will have at least heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) by now. If you’ve heard of it but don’t fully understand it, it basically refers to how mobile devices will be able to connect with everyday household objects such as toasters, refrigerators, home heating systems and such like.

IoT is one technology that is worth keeping an eye on throughout 2018 and that observation hasn’t been lost on mobile app developers whose work is being increasingly influenced by IoT trends. The best example of this in use is in the development of apps such as Hive, through which you can control your home’s utilities from your mobile device. Beacon technology has enabled remote controlling of your home’s heating and lighting from a smartphone, so you can switch on the heating an hour before you’re due home so that the house will be warm when you arrive.

IoT is requiring software developers to gain a thorough understanding of not just their apps, but also the technology of things with which apps are connecting. They might also need to find new ways of connecting the app with the thing if traditional methods such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi do not work.

For further reading on the probable impact of IoT on mobile app development, check out this infographic from ERS IT Solutions.


Colm Stafford

Colm Stafford is the owner and Director of ERS Computer Solutions. Have been part of the PC industry since before the launch of the IBM PC and have seen the industry evolve and change many times over the years. I am passionate about technology solutions that deliver value for my customers. Made a strategic move into software development in 2000 and today have a team of 25 developers specialising in .NET, ASPX, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. My main role within ERS today is identifying new technologies and solutions that deliver value for our customers and improve business productivity.

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Thank you for this article. IoT in mobile apps have the key feature of cost-effectiveness and also easy-access. IoT applications provide a great boost in the development and modification of IoT.

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Great list of benefits of mobile apps. In this technical and smartphone era, very nice to get the app we desire. As explained in this post, we can save so much of time and energy and get the work done sitting at home. Thank you for sharing.


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