Interview with Abe Burnett, data scientist at Pluralsight

“The world of tech waits for no one”: How to make better-informed decisions on tech strategy

Abe Burnett

The Pluralsight Technology Index is the newest kid on the index playground! Naturally, we were curious to learn more about its creation and what the minds behind it plan for its future. We talked with Abe Burnett, data scientist at Pluralsight and the leading mind behind the index about the motivation behind the index, the methodology and more.

We recently did a review of the newest addition to the index “family”, the Pluralsight Technology index. Unlike the other established indexes out there, it is normal that most of you may still be skeptical towards its validity, the team behind it and the advantages of using it as a source of information. But fear not!

We talked with Abe Burnett, a data scientist in Pluralsight and the mastermind behind the Pluralsight Technology Index about the creation and the future of the index.


JAXenter: What motivated you to start this initiative and for how long have you been planning it?

Abe Burnett: The world of tech waits for no one. With how quickly the technology landscape changes, it’s difficult for tech pros to keep up. We created the Pluralsight Technology Index to help CIOs and developers stay informed of technology trends and make better-informed decisions on tech strategy and personal skill development.

JAXenter: What is the workforce behind the index like? How many people are working on the index?

Abe Burnett: The Pluralsight Technology Index is the culmination of efforts across the company, including our experience and marketing teams. The team directly responsible for the physical creation and the on-going life of the index has a number of people, with roles ranging from data science, web development, content strategy, UX/UX/UI design and data visualization.

JAXenter: Your methodology is very well-written and it shows that you adhere to research principles. What percentage of your team was focused on purely methodological issues and what percentage was engaged in the actual research?

Abe Burnett: Thank you! Achieving the greatest amount of accuracy possible was really important to us. And, as a data scientist, it was also–and continues to be–very important to me. Because I have a passion for methodology and research principles, I was honored to take the lead in this effort. The greater team, especially our director of content, strategy and operations Will Clive, partnered with me to ensure the soundness of our methodology.

JAXenter: Coming back to the index itself, what do you think about the results? Do you think they are as accurate as possible? Accurate enough?

Abe Burnett: The Pluralsight Technology Index draws from nearly 8 billion data points across five sources, selected due to their popularity with broad developer audiences, including Github, Stack Overflow, Google AdWords, YouTube and Google Search. The index’s rankings represent, with the highest degree of accuracy possible given real-world constraints, the demand for and engagement with software development languages, tools and frameworks. We are confident of the accuracy and will continue to refine our methodology and add more data.

JAXenter: What technologies should we expect to be integrated into the index in the future?

Abe Burnett: Time will tell! Seriously though, we’re excited to explore this and don’t have anything specific to share at this time.

JAXenter: Finally, since you are the newest member of the tech index “family”, what can readers gain from following your updates?

Abe Burnett: By following the Pluralsight Technology Index, CIOs and software developers can keep a pulse on the tech trends they need to know to stay competitive in their fields. CIOs and developers who thrive on innovation will want to take advantage of a rising tech trend. Our index will be updated on a monthly basis, and an expert analysis of the rankings will be published on a quarterly basis. Be sure to catch those.

Thank you very much!

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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