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Internet of Things: the importance of open source

Coman Hamilton
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In this JAX video interview, Microsoft’s Tim Park speaks to JAXenter about Nitrogen and Microsoft.

Open source technologies have become an indispensable business foundation for the most successful IT companies in the world and according to software developer Tim Park, open source is also essential to the Internet of Things.

Tim’s career has taken him from Microsoft, to a small startup called Nest Labs (now Google) and finally, back to Microsoft. Tim refers to the the tech giant as “the Internet of Things Advocate for open platforms.”

At the IoTCon 2014, we spoke to Tim about his open source IoT platform Nitrogen, which is partly based on Node.js. He also discussed how and why Microsoft discovered the open source model. Watch the video to find out more.

Tim Park is advocate for open platforms and the Internet of Things for Microsoft. At IoTCon 2014, we talked to him about his open source platform Nitrogen, the role of open source in the IoT, and Microsoft’s future IoT strategy.

Coman Hamilton
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