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IntelliJ IDEA 10 EAP 98.117 With Predictive Code Completion

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Gephi 0.7beta, Maven-gaelyk 0.5.5 and Android support for Selenium web testing framework.

New Releases for Gephi and Gephi Toolkit

Gephi 0.7beta has just been released.

Gephi is an open source, interactive visualisation and exploration platform, featuring intuition-oriented analysis by networks manipulations in real time, and functionality for analysing links and social networks. This beta features a new Data Laboratory, which comes with merge and search/replace functionality. Longitudinal network visualisation is supported, and a StAX GEXF importer and exporter has been introduced, with hierarchy and dynamic support. New options ‘Rescale Weight’ and ‘Original’ have been added.

A download of the Gephi Toolkit, based on Gephi 0.7beta, has also been released.

Maven-gaelyk 0.5.5 Supports Gaelyk 0.5.5 and Groovy 1.7.5

The maven-gaelyk archetype has reached version 0.5.5. This plugin brings Maven Integration to Gaelyk. It requires Maven to be installed. Version 0.5.5 upgrades support for Gaelyk to 0.5.5, Groovy support to 1.7.5 and App Engine to 1.3.7.

New IntelliJ IDEA 10 EAP With Predictive Code Completion

A new IntelliJ IDEA 10 EAP is available (98.117 – if you’re counting!) This EAP features a new code completion UI that suggests completion variants without the user having to press the completion keyboard shortcut, and support for Groovy 1.8. Users can also leverage a new option for hard-wrapping lines automatically when typing reaches the right margin.

Selenium Web Testing Framework Gets Android Support

Version 2.0a6 of the Selenium web testing system has been released. With this release, Selenium allows you to download the APK and run webdriver tests using Android 1.6 to Android 2.2. New APIs for dealing with HTML5 elements have been introduced, and Firefox 4 is supported, along with experimental IE9 support. Instances of FirefoxProfiles can be re-used and more code is shared between the Selenium and WebDriver implementations.

New ‘JXScrollMap’ SwingX Component

Karl Schaefer has blogged about the new JXScrollMap SwingX component. JXScrollMap originates from the ScrollPaneSelector code, consisting of the control logic and an altered API. This component is still in incubation. More information on the component is available at Schaefer’s blog.

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