Packt Skill Up report 2017: Results are in

Report: IDEs are among the most loved tools but developers want a ‘jack of all trades’ tool

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The data is in. According to Packt’s third annual Skill Up survey, IDEs are among the most loved tools, there’s a container revolution happening and Docker is leading the way and Python remains consistently popular across job roles. Read on to find out the report’s highlights.

Almost 5.000 developers and tech professionals across the world responded to Packt’s third annual Skill Up survey to share their thoughts on the latest tech tools and trends, and how they work and learn. This year’s survey went even deeper than previous years, asking respondents to share their opinions on issues such as equality in tech, and career development at work, Richard Gall wrote in a post offering a sneak peek into the results.

The aim of Packt’s Skill Up survey is to keep developers and tech professionals relevant so they can gain a competitive edge in their careers by understanding what upcoming trends they are interested in and how they prefer to learn and engage with them.

These are the key findings

According to the executive summary, full-stack development is dominating as a technical role across industries. Furthermore, 60 percent of respondents have either a ‘reasonable amount of choice’ or a ‘significant amount of choice’ over the tools they use at work.

More findings:

  • Job satisfaction doesn’t correlate with salary
  • 28 percent of respondents believe software and technical expertise is used ‘poorly’ or ‘very poorly’.
  • 47.57% of respondents say their manager has less technical knowledge than they do
  • Developers need to work in an environment they love — IDEs are among the most loved tools
  • 64.1% of respondents say that time is the biggest barrier to their professional development
  • 62.62% of respondents say that we need diversity in the tech workforce
  • There’s a container revolution happening – Docker is being learned across today’s tech workforce
  • Python remains consistently popular across job roles
  • 40% of respondents dedicate time to learning every day — a further 44% dedicate time once a week
  • Young tech workers are driven to build skills for their career but can lack motivation, and find it hard to find the right resources.

Developers’ favorite tools — All hail IDEs

‘General purpose’ is the key phrase here. So much for greater specialization and more fragmentation. We want a ‘jack of all trades’ tool.

Packt Skill Up Report 2017: Top tools

Top tools developers want to learn in the next three months

The winners are Docker, Python, Angular, Ansible and Jenkins.

That’s certainly borne out in the tools listed by DevOps and cloud engineers – Kubernetes and Ansible both emerging as important software for managing and orchestrating modern software.

Once again, Python makes its presence felt in our survey. It’s becoming tech’s esperanto, crossing disciplines and job roles in a way that continues to surprise. The message, then, is clear – stop procrastinating and start learning Python!

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Emerging trends

When asked to list no more than three trends that they think will have the biggest overall impact for consumers and businesses over the next 12 months, respondents had these areas on their mind:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data, AI & Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • Containerization

It’s worth thinking about why these things keep coming up — and what they have in common. Our take is that all these things are about improving efficiency, reducing the difference between impact and effort.

Gender diversity problem

According to the report, 91 percent of the respondents were male, five percent were female, and three percent preferred not to disclose.

More than 60 percent of respondents believe that diversity is “a needed and important quality for the tech workforce” and less than 10 percent believe it is unnecessary.

Packt Skill Up Report 2017: Gender diversity

More details about the findings can be found here.

Download the full Skill Up report to discover what it’s like to work in tech today.



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