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Hudson Gets a Critical Security Update and AspectJ 1.6.9 Released

Jessica Thornsby

Facebook have the world’s biggest Hadoop cluster.

AspectJ 1.6.9 Released with More Overweaving Support

AspectJ 1.6.9 is out now.

With this release, it is now possible to ITD member types, and developers can now add a setting to the Aspects in the aop.xml, which makes them optional. Support for the AjType reflection system is now optional and support for overweaving – initially added in AspectJ 1.6.7 – has been made more reliable. More information is available at the Read Me file.

Hudson Issue Update to Critical Security Vulnerability

Hudson CI 1.365 is out now. This release contains a critical security update for a vulnerability that could allow attackers to read arbitrary files in the server file system whose path names are known, by sending malicious HTTP GET requests.

The vulnerability affects all versions of Hudson 1.364 or earlier, where Hudson is run on the built-in Winstone servlet container and the attacker has a direct access to the TCP/IP port that Hudson listens to, without going through some manner of HTTP proxy.

Facebook Has World’s Biggest Hadoop Cluster

According to the announcement made by Dhruba Borthakur, Facebook’s ‘Datawarehouse Hadoop cluster’ is now the largest known Hadoop storage cluster in the world, with a total of more than 21 PB of configured storage capacity and 12 TB of compressed data added daily.

Java API for Supporting DDMS

DDMSence has reached version 1.5.0.

DDMSence is a Java API that supports the DoD Discovery Metadata Specification, and uses XOM and Xerces to transform XML DDMS Resource records into a Java object model.

This release adds DDMSReader support for Strings, Readers, and InputStreams, and updates the bundled version of XOM to 1.2.6.

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