JCP EC Results Now In!

Hologic Snubbed In JCP Vote

Jessica Thornsby

Following a controversial nomination, Hologic are the only ratified nomination not to gain a seat on JCP.

The 2010 JCP EC Election ballot closed at midnight on 1st November and the results are now in.

On the SE/EE EC, Apache and Red Hat have won ratified seats, and Eclipse and Google will assume the open seats. For ME EC, ratified seats will be taken by Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung and TOTVS, and open seats by Aplix and Stefano Andreani.

Ratified seats required the majority of those who cast a vote, whereas the open seats were awarded to the nominees who receive the most votes during the election. Following the accusations of Oracle attempting to manipulate the vote, Hologic were not ratified for the SE/EE EC. Consequently, the Process Management Office will hold additional ratification ballots for the remaining SE/EE seat, until the seat is filled. In the vote, Hologic received 33%, while rivals Apache and Red Hat clocked in 95% and 87% respectively.

Interestingly, despite the controversy surrounding this election, only 18% of eligible members cast their vote. At the Aquarium, the election results were reported with the acknowledgement that “traditionally the JCP EC election has very low turnout,” before placing the 18% figure in context: “the number of votes is roughly in line with the past but the turnout is lower,” summarises the blog post.

New and re-elected members will take their seats on Tuesday, 16th November.

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