Interview with Mike Croft, Java middleware consultant at Payara

“There is a heated debate between the Java EE camp and Spring camp”

JAXenter Editorial Team
Mike Croft

“The key benefit of Java EE and Spring over JavaScript is that they allow you to forget the frameworks and technologies and just focus on the business logic.” JAXenter editor Gabriela Motroc talked to Mike Croft, Java middleware consultant at Payara, about the myths surrounding Java EE and the advantages of Payara Micro.

Mike Croft has extensive experience in working directly with customers and their middleware. He began his career at IBM, supporting WebSphere ESB, and now works with all Java middleware products from GlassFish through Oracle WebLogic to Apache Tomcat. He specialises in Java EE application servers and enjoys hacking new, bleeding edge technology. Mike loves community focused software and will ask anyone who will listen to contribute to Payara on Github. He is happiest when he’s outside; running, climbing trees, climbing mountains, snowboarding back down mountains, or just spending a worrying amount of time on puzzle games.

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