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Groovy and Grails Updates for STS 2.8.0 M1

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Eclipse plans 10th Birthday celebrations, and Griffon 0.9.3 with improved support.

Groovy and Grails Updates for SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8.0 M1

The first milestone of SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8.0 has been released. SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8.0 M1 mainly includes updates for Groovy and Grails developers, adding support for Grails 2.0.0.M1 and enhancing the DSL support for Grails 2.0.0.M1. This milestone runs on JDK 1.7.0, including Spring Roo 1.1.5, and updates to Maven 3.0.3 and Mylyn version 3.6.1. SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8.0 M1 ships with the latest version of vFabric tc Server Developer Edition, 2.5.1, and as-you-type validation has been added. More information is available at the New and Noteworthy.


Code Conjurer 2.0 for Eclipse Indigo

Version 2.0 of the Code Conjurer software reuse tool has been released. The Code Conjurer Eclipse plugin brings the functionality of the software search engine to the Eclipse IDE. When the background agent is enabled, Code Conjurer locates and recommends reusable software components that are suitable for the programming project in question. The user can then explore these recommendations by expanding its tree and inspecting the source code. Code Conjurer can also analyse components using various clustering techniques, and creates a characteristic group picture.

Code Conjurer 2.0 requires the Eclipse Indigo release.


Eclipse to Celebrate 10th Birthday with New Graphic

Eclipse is approaching its 10th Birthday, and Ian Skerrett has announced that they are planning to celebrate the event with a new graphic for the website, which may also be used on t-shirts. A CrowdSpring project has already been created to collect ideas for this Eclipse 10th Birthday graphic. The winning design will receive a $500 prize. Deadline for submissions is August 21st, 2011.


Griffon 0.9.3 Improves Java Support

Version 0.9.3 of the Griffon framework, has been released. This release improves the Java support, with current project lead Andres Almiray stating it is now possible to write a Griffon application in 98% Java, and that all artifacts, and event and lifecycle handlers can also be written in Java. The jumpstart archetype is now fully aware of Java source code, and Griffon 0.9.3 includes GDSL and DSLD descriptors for both Eclipse and IDEA. More information, is available at the Release Notes.

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