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Groovy 1.7.4 and 1.8-beta-1, and Drupal Takes to the Cloud

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, two new releases for Hibernate: Hibernate maintenance release version 3.5.4 and the first beta of Hibernate 3.6.0, which merges new modules into the Hibernate core.

SonarJ 6.0 – How Deep Does Your Application Go?

Version 6.0 of SonarJ has been released.

SonarJ is a software architecture management tool that can be integrated into your IDE, and can help pinpoint deviations between the intended software architecture and the code. This release comes with a new dashboard and a new metric ‘structural debt index’ for measuring the structural debt in your application. Build units have been added as physical type containers, which should simplify the mapping between Maven or Eclipse projects and SonarJ projects.

First Beta of Hibernate 3.6.0!

The Hibernate team have announced two new releases: Hibernate 3.5.4 and 3.6.0.Beta1.

Hibernate 3.5.4 is a maintenance release fixing a number of minor bugs, including support for joined inheritance and a regression that prevented 3.5.3 being usable in JDK 1.4 environments. Hibernate 3.6.0.Beta1 features bug fixes and new features. In this release, some modules have been merged into the core; including the hibernate-jmx and hibernate-annotations. Support for JDK 1.4 has been dropped.

Bug Fixes for Groovy 1.7.4…….

Groovy version 1.7.4 is out now.

Version 1.7.4 is a new minor release, which adds a few new GDK methods and rectifies issues with automatic reloading when using the GroovyScriptEngine. There is also a new option in the Groovy swing console to compile scripts, and the option to customise the target bytecode version used by ACG.

…….and a Sneak Peek at Groovy 1.8.

Groovy 1.8-beta-1.

This is the first peek at the next major version of Groovy. This release moves to Gradle for the build, and showcases some early work towards attaining more granular Groovy JARs. Closures are now “callable,” and Groovy gets a list of new AST transformations.

Drupal Gardens: Drupal In The Clouds

Drupal Gardens is now in public beta. Drupal Gardens is a cloud version of the open source Drupal content management system, which aims to help developers build socially smart websites and microsites.

The Drupal Gardens team are currently working on a collection of site templates and themes, but developers can also create their own site templates and designs, then clone those templates and roll them out across new websites.

Drupal Gardens is free across all tiers until the end of 2010, when the Superer Drupal edition will be priced at $19.95 per month, per site, and the Superest Drupal edition will be priced at $39.95 per month, per site.

The next major version of Drupal is still is in development, with a beta of Drupal 7 expected in August, 2010.


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