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Google opens up Cloud Platform code on GitHub

Chris Mayer

Seeking to make a dent in AWS, Google make another attempt to encourage developers to its all-singing cloud project with starter projects.

Since its rebranding last June, Google Cloud Platform has struggled to set the world alight, despite a string of initiatives to bring newcomers to its collections of cloud services, and crucially away from AWS’s clutches.

Back in November (and just before Amazon’s re:Invent conference), Google slashed pricing by 30% on the umbrella project that bundles together App Engine, BigQuery and the newest infrastructure project Compute Engine amongst other services. Yesterday, they announced their newest ploy – push tools and code samples to GitHub to whet the appetite of developers.

Making code available on the hugely successful hosting service is a fairly standard practice for tech giants and is a proven gateway to greater adoption. Google aren’t doing this by half-measures either, making 36 public repositories for Cloud Platform available in a variety of languages including Java, Python, JavaScript and Go.

Google’s “starter projects” will show developers how to get going with Cloud Platform’s APIs using different stacks, according to Developer Advocate, Juliana Ferraioli.

“We set up this organization not only to give you an easy way to find and follow our samples, but also to give you a way to get involved and start hacking alongside us,” explains Ferriaioli.

The opening gambit includes examples of App Engine guest book apps and a OAuth 2.0 helper. Nothing particularly hot, but we’ll likely see more interesting things appearing down the road.

Google’s penchant for giving freebies has worked previously and this move should help entice developers to Cloud Platform. You can’t help but feel they face an uphill battle in 2013 however. OpenStack’s hype is subsiding as big vendors primed to release their own infrastructure stacks, potentially squeezing their market share further.

And then there’s the unshiftable juggernaut that is AWS. Expect these two to trade further blows throughout the year in any case.

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