Google Collections Library 1.0 released


On December 30th, Google released version 1.0-final of its Google Collections Library, an extension of the Java Collection Framework. Google will make no more source- or binary- incompatible changes. However, Google reserves the right to make alterations to the serialised form of the objects, so developers are warned not to serialise objects into a database and expect to deserialise them at a later date.

Kevin Bourrillion, one of the two primary creators of the Google Collections Library, refers to his co-creation as solving “the same basic problems (as) the Java Collections Framework – just taken to the next level.” Google Collections Library simplifies code, cutting down the amount of low-level code that developers need to write and test. It also introduces new collection types, Multimap, Multiset and BiMap, and lists, sets and maps utility types.

Google Collections Library Version 1.0-final can be downloaded here.