GoAnywhere Can Now Go Private

GoAnywhere Services Releases 2.0.0

Jessica Thornsby

GoAnywhere Services for file transfer, can now integrate with GoAnywhere Gateway and a Java-applet Enhanced Web Client.

GoAnywhere Services has reached its 2.0.0 release.

GoAnywhere Services allows partners and employees to connect to your organisation, and download or upload files, by supporting file transfer and encryption standards such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS and HTTP. GoAnywhere Services also provides a Web client for file transfers, and features event triggers based on user-defined conditions.

This version integrates with the new GoAnywhere Gateway and a Java-applet Enhanced Web Client for transferring multiple files simultaneously. The GoAnywhere Gateway integration gives GoAnywhere Services the option of residing in a private network. Thus, trading partners will be able to transfer files directly to your private network. More information is available at the Release Notes. A free trial is available from the GoAnywhere website.