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GlassFish 3.1.1 with Java 7 Support

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, CloudBees announce 10.5m USD investment, and new release of KDE Platform.

GlassFish 3.1.1 Released with Java 7 Support

GlassFish 3.1.1 has been released with support for the just-shipped Java 7! Because GlassFish 3.1.1 supports JDK 7, support for JDBC 4.1 is also available. In addition to Java 7 support, this release adds support for AIX, and 64-bit load-balancer, and updates the versions of Weld, EclipseLink and Jersey included in the release. The deployment of OSGi-enabled enterprise Java applications is also now supported. More information, is available at the Release Notes.


Bug Fixes for Confluence 3.5.9

The Atlassian Confluence team have just released Confluence version 3.5.9. This is a bug fix release that addresses a problem with database deadlock during the initialisation of plugins, and the new Code Macro failing to wrap in some situations. It also fixes an OutOfMemoryError when indexing Excel files. Please note that due to problems discovered during final testing, the Confluence 3.5.8 release was not a public release.


New Releases of KDE Platform and Plasma Workspaces

KDE have announced a series of releases, with new, 4.7 versions of KDE Plasma Workspaces, and the KDE Platform.

The Plasma Workspaces leverages new Qt technologies such as Qt Quick, and updates the Oxygen icons and the Oxygen GTK themes. The window manager, KWin, has undergone a code cleanup, and can now run on OpenGL ES supporting hardware, and the Activity Manager now takes a more prominent place in the default panel.

KDE Platform 4.7 includes the latest version of the Phonon media framework, which features Zeitgeist support, and the semantic desktop components of the KDE Frameworks have been improved, including internal changes to Nepomuk, and richer APIs for applications.


Sonar Eclipse 2.2 Released

Sonar Eclipse version 2.2 has been released, with functionality for commenting and creating a review directly from Eclipse. Users can also resolve or reopen a review directly from Eclipse, or flag a violation as False-Positive directly from Eclipse. Several bugs have also been fixed, including comments being displayed without newlines, and Colour Codes in Sonar IDE not matching those on Sonar Server. This release is compatible with Eclipse version 3.7. More information is available at the Release Notes.


Lightspeed Venture Partners Invests in CloudBees

CloudBees have announced that Lightspeed Venture Partners have agreed to invest 10.5m USD in CloudBees, along with Matrix Partners. In November 2010, CloudBees announced they had raised $4 million in Series A financing.

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