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GitLab 11.4 is here: All the Auto DevOps you can get

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GitLab is here with yet another version. GitLab 11.4 brings an extensive list of major updates and improvements as well as a couple of deprecations you should keep in mind.

Getting things done is GitLab’s motto and they hold true to it with every update!

GitLab 11.4 brings a truly extensive list of major updates and tons of new improvements. What’s more, the newest release brings a couple of deprecations that you should keep an eye on.

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

Merge Request Reviews – Allows a reviewer to draft as many code comments in a merge request as they wish, make sure they are all consistent, and then submit them all as a single action.

Create and toggle feature flags for your applications (alpha feature) – This feature gives you the ability to create and manage feature flags for your software directly in the product.

File tree for browsing merge request diff – Searchable file tree of changes to make it easy to see which files have changed and jump between them.

Suggest Code Owners as merge request approvers – Code owners are now shown as suggested approvers when creating or editing a merge request to make assigning the right person easy.

Move ability to use includes in .gitlab-ci.ymlfrom Starter to Core – Helps ensure templates and other shared resources are always compatible between free and non-free users, and also unlocks the ability for everyone to do best-practice development using reusable snippets in your CI/CD pipelines.

Run jobs only/except for modifications on a path or file – Allows more control for users whose repositories contain different kinds of assets or builds, ensuring only the appropriate steps are executed for the kinds of changes that were committed, speeding up overall pipeline execution.

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Add timed incremental rollouts to Auto DevOps – Adding an option to also set up timed incremental rollouts where the rollout will automatically continue on a timed cadence unless there is some error.

Support Kubernetes RBAC for GitLab managed apps – Offers the capability to either create an RBAC-enabled cluster on GKE or to connect with an existing cluster that is RBAC-enabled, providing increased security for your infrastructure.

Auto DevOps support for RBAC – Auto DevOps now supports interacting with and deploying applications to RBAC-enabled Kubernetes clusters.

Support PostgreSQL DB migration and initialization for Auto DevOps – Auto DevOps now provides the ability to initialize or migrate PostgreSQL databases in your project.

But, guess what — Tha’s not all! We have *tons* of more improvements coming in GitLab 11.4. To give you a small taste:

  • List of subscribed labels
  • Filter by WIP merge requests
  • Highlight @mentions for yourself distinctly
  • Include new issues created in Burndown Chart
  • Expanded weight values in issues API
  • Lock discussion quick action
  • Close epics
  • Improve Admin Area settings structure
  • Explore projects by popularity
  • Display code language percentage on project overview
  • Download two-factor recovery codes
  • Filter admin Runners view by Runner type and state
  • Add support for interactive web terminal to Docker executor
  • Skip Auto DevOps jobs based on feature availability
  • Allow pipelines to schedule delayed jobs
  • Interactive runbooks with Nurtch and JupyterHub
  • Add manual entries for License Management
  • Alert thresholds now displayed on metrics dashboard
  • Git protocol v2
  • Geo UX improvements in Admin Area
  • Prometheus 2.0 upgrade for Omnibus GitLab
  • Geo improvements
  • Geo improvements for SSH Git commands proxy to primary node
  • GitLab Runner 11.4
  • Performance improvements
  • Omnibus improvements

There are, however, a couple of deprecations that you should be aware of. Namely:

  • Support for Docker versions before 1.12 (API version 1.24) has been deprecated. Removal date: October 22, 2018.
  • The bundled Prometheus 1.0 version is deprecated in Omnibus GitLab. With GitLab 12.0 any installation not yet running Prometheus 2.0 will be automatically upgraded. Metric data from Prometheus 1.0 will not be migrated and will be lost. Removal date: GitLab 12.0.
Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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