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GitLab 11.2: Live Web IDE preview, support for Android project import & more

Sarah Schlothauer
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GitLab version 11.2 has some great new features, including lots of little improvements that will customize and smooth out your user experience. Let’s see what’s new!

GitLab continues to bring us new features every month, and August is no exception; the new version of GitLab is here! GitLab 11.2 has lots of little enhancements, as well as a few new big features.

Version 11.2 brings with it preview changes in the Web IDE, Android project import, instance-wide project templates, installation on Kubernetes with generally available Helm chart, and more.

As always, many of these improvements are from the GitLab community. Your feedback and contributions are valued!

Key features

  • Client-side evaluation in Web IDE: Now, JavaScript frameworks support live preview. Gone are the days of having to restart servers and refresh browsers. Now your changes can be seen in real time, thanks to the power of CodeSandbox.
  • Custom project templates on the instance level: Organizations can now manage their own custom project templates. Bonus: it’s easy to copy over the template to new projects, so set it up once and you’re done.
  • Personal status messages: Out of the office for a week? Want to share what project you’re currently working on? Now you can set a status message that will show up on your profile, comments, and author titlebar. Just resist the urge to share your favorite song lyric. (Or don’t.)
  • Improved top-navigation search: Searching made easier! Version 11.2 brings a much wider search by removing previous limitations. Now you can search instance-wide right from the search bar.
  • Support for Android project import: The new release brings with it a new “manifest file” option when creating a new project. Users can import to the Android OS code from the Android Open Source Project as well as import any project that uses manifest files (so long as it meets format requirements).
  • Issue board milestone lists: Here comes a new type of list! The milestone list collects all issues assigned to a given milestone. The new summed weight feature is also great for team balancing and tracking issue counts.

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All about the little things

Among these big changes are a few minor tweaks that will make your experience smoother and better.

Let’s take a look at all the new bells and whistles. The list is long, so we only highlighted a few standouts. Don’t forget to check out the changelog to see all the new changes.

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  • Google Hangouts integration
  • Private profiles
  • Todos for epics
  • Download individual repo files
  • Custom Wiki sidebar
  • Performance improvements
  • Summed weights in issue board list
  • Importer for Bitbucket server
  • Omnibus improvements
  • GitLab Runner 11.2

A few of the new features, including custom project templates are only for paid users.

Upcoming GitLab deadlines

There are three upcoming deprecations to be aware of.

Mark the date that these features will be removed so the rug isn’t pulled out from under your feet!

  • Disable SAML and Bitbucket if OmniAuth is disabled: to be removed on August 22, 2018
  • Support for Docker Versions in GitLab Runner: Docker versions before 1.12 will no longer be supported after October 22, 2018
  • GitLab Pages IP on pages must be updated to the new DNS record before October 23, 2018 (More information on how to do so is here.)

Ready for the features? Go on and grab the update.

Sarah Schlothauer

Sarah Schlothauer

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