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Minimalist git explorer keeps it simple and effective

Sarah Schlothauer
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Today we are searching through repos with a magnifying glass. These two tiny tools (gitin and tldr++) prove that size isn’t everything. Gitin is a minimalist tool for exploring git repos straight from the command line. Does it get any simpler than that?

Minimalism is so in vogue right now. After tidying up your home and parring it down to the essentials, how about taking a look at your digital life? (Does it spark joy?) Today we take a look at two very small tools that go perfectly with your newfound fresh minimalist outlook on life.

These projects are created by Ibrahim Serdar Acikgoz, who can be found on GitHub here. We commend his imagination and innovation and look forward to new updates and releases. Kudos!


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Explore git repos with the help of a tiny open source git wrapper; gitin is all about keeping it minimal with a great interface. It is a commit/branch/status explorer for git

From GitHub:

gitin is a minimalist tool that lets you explore a git repository from command line. You can search from commits, inspect indvidual files and changes in the commits, see ahead/behind commits etc. It is an alternative and interactive way to explore the commit history. Also, you can explore your current state by investigating diffs, stage your changes and commit them.

For now, gitin works on both Linux and macOS.

The latest pre-release v0.1.2 dropped on February 8th, 2019. With the newest version, it now drops less command and replace it by git itself, has better app quit handle, and solved a bug with Mac. Go show its creator some support for keeping this project updated!

Windows users: be patient for a working compatible version. The creator stated in response to a question “Any ETA for Windows version?” that the are a “few obstacles with Windows”.

(Of course, if you can help with this issue, contributions are more than welcome! As stated on GitHub, gitin is in its early stages of development. Report any bugs that you find and help move it towards a 1.0 release.)


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Tldr++ is a fast, fully interactive tldr client written in Go. (Exactly how fast? Get a taste of its speed with the benchmarks.) It’s also super lightweight, so you can keep up your minimalist streak!

It’s easy to install and features smart file suggestions, and simple implementation.

Give me the too long; didn’t read on GitHub:

Community driven man pages improved with smart user interaction. tldr++ seperates itself from any other tldr client with convenient user guidance feature.

Explore some of the use cases seen on the creators’ blog, including the search feature, static mode, and sudo. Refer to the release page for more news and info on how to install.

Do you have any favorite tiny tools that prove size isn’t everything?

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