Success in 2017, dominance in 2018

Kubernetes’ success confirmed: The love affair continues

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We take a look at the results of the GitHub Octoverse Report and we confirm what various experts have discussed with JAXenter so far: Kubernetes is here to stay!

People’s love affair with Kubernetes started quite a while ago but it only intensified in the last years. The experts that we talked to in the past year have strengthened Kubernetes’ position as a top choice when it comes to managing containerized workloads and services.

Here are some statements that add fuel to Kubernetes’ fire:

I think we will learn to think of Kubernetes as an infrastructure. Kubernetes will be the Lingua Franca in and into which everything moves.

Erkan Yanar, freelance consultant 

Kubernetes has won the orchestration war; the Kubernetes platform provides a consistent, open, vendor-neutral way to manage and run your workloads.

Nicki Watt, CTO at OpenCredo

Experts said it, now GitHub Octoverse 2017 says it as well!

2017 has been a very full and successful year for Kubernetes and GitHub’s latest Octoverse report does nothing but prove it even further.

More precisely, three Kubernetes-based projects appear at the top of the charts for the most-discussed repositories and projects with most reviews.

Kubernetes/Kubernetes is, by far, the number one discussed repository with more than 388.000 comments! The runner-up is another Kubernetes-based project, OpenShift, a CNCF certified distribution of Kubernetes.

Kubernetes has been ranked second among the most reviewed projects on GitHub, thanks to Special Interest Group (SIG), a Kubernetes project that helps channel more frequent reviews from better-qualified community members when it is used to segment and standardize mechanisms for community participation.

The GitHub Octoverse report is only but a confirmation of Kubernetes’ huge success during 2017. But success does not end here; experts predict an even further dominance of Kubernetes in 2018.

We’ll see an increased dominance of Kubernetes.

Mark Pundsack, Head of Product at GitLab

Interested in what Mark Pundsack has to say on the 2018 trends? Check out the interview we had with him here.

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