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Gitential: Bringing analytics to software development

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Reach your full creative potential with Gitential, a tool that makes it easy to analyze productivity and efficiency in the software development process.

Analytics are everywhere these days. Data scientists are some of the most sought after skillsets on the market right now. But, what happens if you can’t manage to snag one for your team? How else can you measure the productivity and efficiency of your developers?

Software design is inherently a creative process, which means it does not lend itself well to metrics and analysis. However, it is still a process, and all processes can theoretically be optimized.


That’s where Gitential comes in. Gitential (rhymes with potential) is a tool that analyzes your source code repositories to help you identify possible issues with your software development.

This analytics tool makes it possible to measure the process of software development with objective metrics. These metrics are transparent and thus optimizable, which allows teams to improve responses and save time and money.

Gitential doesn’t evaluate code quality; that’s still up to the programmers to decide and deliberate on. Nor does it make judgement calls about how much time should be spent on a certain bit of code; that’s still for team leaders to judge as well.

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How does it work? 

Gitential allows teams to focus on problem areas in GitHub or Bitbucket repositories by identifying problematic sections of code. Gitential measures your teams’ coding hours, coding volume, and utilization. This allows team leads to keep track of productivity and find spots that need to be investigated.

The big question here is whether or not an analytic tool can diagnose problematic sections of code merely by highlighting sections that take the longest. It’s not perfect and it’s not meant to be. After all, measurement is not the be-all, end-all goal. Neither are the metrics themselves. The goal is to optimize the software development process in a way that works best for every individual team.

Analytics like these are only one tiny section of bringing a software application to the finish line. But with Gitential, it should make it easier to get there on time and under budget.

Gitential is currently in open beta. The open source option is available for free, but paid options are available for start-up, mature, and enterprise teams as well.

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