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Undoing things and saving your neck with Git


We cannot avoid mistakes. But with the right tools, we can make sure they don’t hurt too much. Git offers many ways to undo, revert, recover and fix. We’ll look at the bad things that can happen to you – and how Git can save your neck. Tobias Günther will show you how.

In this hands-on session presented at the International PHP Conference, we’ll have a look at Git’s various undo features. Speaker Tobias Günther’s intention is to give developers more confidence in their day-to-day operations when working with code. The audience should keep in mind that mistakes can be undone.

In the session, Tobias Günther will both talk about the theory and show the corresponding commands/tools in practice. He uses both Git on the command line and the popular GUI Tower to show how to deal with mistakes in real-world scenarios.


GitTobias Günther is the founder and CEO of Tower, a popular desktop GUI for Git on Mac and Windows ( For many years, he has been helping people become more productive and confident with Git and version control – for example with his book “Learn Version Control with Git” and of course with Tower.

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