Geronimo 3.0 Aims To Be Java EE 6 Compliant


After its Geronimo v2.2 server passed SUN’s JEE5 Certification Test Suite, Apache’s roadmap for Geronimo 3.0 reveals the open source organisation is aiming for 3.0 to be fully compliant with Java EE 6 standards.

Apache have released a table tracking the progress of the 3.0 build, which will indicate when the code for a particular function becomes available and will allow users to submit early feedback on 3.0. Apache stress they will not declare overall Java EE 6 compliance, until Geronimo 3.0 is complete.

Geronimo 2.2 already complies with much of the Java EE 6 spec, but 3.0 will drop Java SE 5 support in favour of Java SE 6 support, and aims for a reduced sever footprint and startup time. JAX-B 2.1, JAX-WS 2.1, JAX-RS 0.8 and JPA 2.0 are already fully supported in Geronimo 2.2.