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Friday Five: Sailfish OS, WiiU doodling and geeky cakes

Elliot Bentley

It may be Black Friday, but we’ve spent the day gathering some of the most entertaining off-topic links of the week.

While many (in the US, at least) will be spending Black Friday scoring cut-price goods, we’ve been scouring the web for some of the most interesting and entertaining off-topic links of the week.

1. MeeGo sails again as Sailfish OS

While the mobile OS market is currently dominated by iOS and Android, the popularity of our recent piece on Firefox OS perhaps reflects a demand for alternatives (well, besides the Windows Phone). This week, another upstart into the space showed their hand: Jolla, a Finnish company started by ex-Nokia engineers who worked on MeeGo, with the stylish Sailfish OS.

Sailfish OS is built on top of Mer, which itself is a fork of MeeGo. Being Linux-based, it is promised that many Android apps will run on Jolla devices “unchanged”. The promotional video, which shows off Sailfish OS’s clean UI, seems dangerously close to a concept video. However, with a distribution deal already signed with Finland’s third-biggest mobile network, it may yet have a chance. We’ll be keeping a tab on this one.

2. Augmented reality kanban board

Kanban boards are a pretty handy way of keeping track of what needs doing. However, choosing whether to have a real, post-it-based board, or an online one, is tricky – and not all of us can afford giant touchscreens. The next best thing might be JimFlow, a tool released by web hosting company Jimdo.

JimFlow promises the best of both worlds, by having a physical Kanban board with an onscreen equivalent for those out of the office. All tickets on the board must be printed using a custom program and then stuck on the board, which is filmed by a digital camera. Changes to the physical board are immediately reflected in a browser version and your ticketing system.

It’s a great implementation of a clever idea, and best of all it’s open source. So why not give it a try?

3. WiiU doodling madness

Nintendo released their sixth major games console, the WiiU, in the US this week. The follow-up to the Wii, which was one of the best-selling consoles of all time, the WiiU features a distinctive ‘tablet’ controller with a large touchscreen (whether this is a good thing or not is a matter of personal taste).

Less prominent in marketing efforts are the WiiU’s internet services, which include an intriguing Twitter-like social network grouped around games. Players can share messages not only as 100-character posts, but also doodles via the tablet controller. have rounded up a great selection of some of the most creative, hilarious and outright bizarre images so far. Here’s our favourite:

4. The disappearing island

We all make mistakes occasionally, but this one surely takes the biscuit. An island marked on maps for over a decade, including on Google Maps, appears to be entirely fictional.

The missing land mass was marked as being off the eastern coast of Australia, named on Google Maps as ‘Sandy Island’. However, when a team of researchers from the University of Sydney sailed to the point, they were disappointed to find nothing but seawater.

“How did it find its way onto the maps? We just don’t know, but we plan to follow up and find out,” Doctor Maria Seton told the AFP news agency.

5. Cakes for geeks

And finally… we’re big fans of cake here at JAX Towers, and nothing could make us happier than the coming-together of both technology and cake. This wonderful gallery includes Android wedding cakes, a lifesize replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System and, perhaps best of all, this impressive ‘Facebook drug cake’.


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Netgear technical support
Netgear technical support
3 years ago

It was a wrong decision by some manufacturers when they did not go with the Meego OS. t was too late for them to realize its capacity. Android is now dominating the world and it has evolved because of the red ocean strategy.