Fourth Milestone of e4 1.0


Milestone 4 of e4 1.0 has been released.

e4 1.0 M4 introduces a compatibility workbench which also serves as an early prototype of the new styling being designed for the workbench. This includes some tab modifications to remove tab rendering from non-selected tabs, and shadowed borders and gutters between stacks. Expect colour and font refinements, and an interactive design for the tabs in future milestones. A sneak preview of the ultimate design, is posted at the e4 visual design wiki. In other tab-related news, Milestone 4 now gives you the option to drag tabs from one tab folder to another. Tabs being manipulated in this manner become semi-transparent and track with the mouse.

e4 1.0 M4 implements the new API introduced in SWT 3.6 for pluggable CTabFolder rendering, bringing the new CTabFolder look to e4 1.0. The Semantic File System (SFS) now introduces a non-file-system-based content capability feature, meaning the user can now access a variety of sources on the Internet or corporate network. More information about SFS, is available at the SFS wiki.

A project wizard is now accessible for creating a simple e4 application project, complete with a screencast for helping you get started with developing your e4 application. A context menu has also been added in the Outline view for switching one perspective to another.

For a full log of the changes, please see the New & Noteworthy.

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