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First Release Candidate of Cassandra 0.7 and Subversion 1.6.15 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, convert Java Objects into JSON, with Gson 1.6.

Java-to-JSON and Back Again with Gson

Version 1.6 of the Gson Java library has been released. Gson is used to convert Java Objects into a JSON representation, and can also convert a JSON string to an equivalent Java object. This release introduces a new stream parser. The next release – 1.7 – will add functionality for registering a hierarchical type adapter.

Banish Client-Initiated Crashes with Subversion 1.6.15

Apache Subversion version 1.6.15 has been announced. This releases fixes two bugs that could cause client-initiated crashes on the server. The svnsync handling of dir copies and swig parameter mapping have both been improved, and a ‘svn export’ regression from 1.6.13 has been fixed.

Release Candidate for Voldemort 0.90

A release candidate of Voldemort 0.90 has been announced. Hinted handoff is now supported, including when it’s used as a method for restoring consistency, and a NIO based client with a pipeline based routing layer has been added. Improvements have been made to the read only storage engine, including support for online rebalancing of read only stores.

Peek at Cassandra 0.7

The first release candidate of Cassandra 0.7 has been released. Clustertool, nodetool cfhistogram, config-converter, sstablekeys, and schematool have all been added, and SLF4J has been upgraded to version 1.6.1. The jna dependency is now included in RPM package, and ConcurrentLinkedHashMap has been upgraded to version 1.1.

First Beta of SCA Java 2.0

The Apache Tuscany team have announced the first beta of SCA Java 2.0. The SCA Java 2.0-Beta1 runtime now passes the OASIS conformance test suite for the SCA Assembly, SCA-J CAA, Policy, SCA-J CI, Binding WS, and Binding JMS Specifications. The team have also worked to separate the different types of samples in the samples directory, and have added metadata to the binary distribution to identify which Jars are required by each extension.

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