PrimeFaces keeps on rockin n' rollin

First release candidate for PrimeFaces 3.3

Chris Mayer

We get a first glimpse at what Prime Teknoloji’s PrimeFaces 3.3 with RC1 showing off over 100 improvements.

The latest version of JavaServer Faces libary PrimeFaces 3.3 has reached the first release candidate stage, promising over 100 improvements to the rich JSF component suite, since March’s last full release.

Creator Cagatay Civici (self-dubbed Optimus Prime for the project) detailed all that is new within a blogpost, noting that the bulk of the work had been done in terms of ‘major internal refactoring and fixes on Ajax Framework’. But new features also appear such as PartialSubmit, making lightweight requests possible and PrimeFaces Selector API (PFS) for integrating jQuery in with a JSF component referencing model.

Aside from that, there’s menu component enhancements (and features for Message Components), new Ajax events for Data Table and a native widget that reimplements a Star Rating. To this we give five stars.

To check out all that’s new here, see the ChangeLog and it’s fairly clear that there’s a lot of groundwork already covered for the final release, which is encouraging. With new tidbits here and there and a general polish to an already-established JSF suite, PrimeFaces 3.3 RC1 looks set to once again be great.

Finally, in typical Michael Bay-fashion, they’ve produced a preview trailer too! Pomp and circumstance for the self-proclaimed ‘JSF King.’ Either way, 3.3 is primed for success. Sorry about the pun.

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