First Non-Code Based Contribution to Eclipse?

Jessica Thornsby

Manitoba Students contribute documentation for the e4 project.

Students from the University of Manitoba are helping to write the documentation for e4, in collaboration with the general Eclipse community.

This project aims to refine a process for creating Eclipse 4 Core Application Services documentation. Once this process is in place, the team plan to begin documenting services.

The students have conducted one hour long phone meetings with the developers of the service, where they learn the purpose and the structure of the service, before turning their new found knowledge into documentation, which is then published at the e4 wiki.

“This was one of if not the first time the Eclipse foundation has received community contributions that are not code based. We hope that our experiences are able to serve as a guide for others looking to contribute in similar fashion in the future………. we have shown it can be done!” reads the wiki.

The project is part of a fourth year technical communications course in the University of Manitoba’s Computer Science program.


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