Your first look at the IntelliJ IDEA 15 Preview

Natali Vlatko
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After access was granted via JetBrains’ Early Access Program, the official preview for IntelliJ IDEA 15 has landed: weekly sneak peeks have culminated in a built-in Kotlin M14 plugin, updated database tools and easier debugging of lambda expressions.

The IntelliJ IDEA 15 preview is here after weeks of sneaky hints being dropped online by the JetBrains team. On top of the preview being available for download, the team are staging a live webinar with Trisha Gee on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015, 16:00 – 17:00 CEST.

The webinar is free to join, with questions being allowed during the live preview. A recording of the session will be available after the event.

Debugger-wise, lambda expressions are now being touted as easier to debug with the IDE asking you exactly where you’d like to stop if the line you’re adding a breakpoint to has a lambda expression. When using the Step Into or Run to Cursor commands, the IDE stops at the corresponding lambda expression.

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A newly introduced action called Force Return gives users the option to force a return from the current method without executing any more instructions from it.

The editor has received a boost with an option to adjust the code style settings on any highlighted piece of code, all with a live preview of the changes. RegEx improvements in Find and Replace and the ability to have different exclusion preferences per project are also new additions.

A short-list of other new features being pimped by JetBrains includes:

  • Inspection that spots code duplicates as you work
  • Find in Path with instant preview
  • The Expression Type action for Java and Groovy (formerly only with Scala)
  • Run configurations enhancements (status indicators and gutter icons)
  • UI adjustments for colour deficiency
  • HiDPI support improvements
  • Groovy Builder AST transformation
  • Updated database tools

Groovy, Scala and Kotlin all received enhancements, too. The built-in Kotlin M14 plugin gives access to faster compilation, language changes and IDE improvements – the official preview update states that the Kotlin team are currently working on the 1.0 release of the language.

On the frameworks front, Spring 4.2 support has arrived together with Spring Boot and initial support for the Arquillian testing platform. For JavaScript fans, better React development is promised and TypeScript 1.6 support is now live. There’s new inspections for checking dependencies in Node.js and enhanced Dart support as well.

A full rundown of everything new is available on the preview update page. The self-styled “most intelligent Java IDE” has a free Community Edition to download, in addition to an Ultimate package available for free on a 30-day trial.

Natali Vlatko
An Australian who calls Berlin home, via a two year love affair with Singapore. Natali was an Editorial Assistant for (S&S Media Group).

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