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Finding the best programmers requires international search

Rick Delgado

When looking for the best programmers in the world, where should you start your search? While the United States has been the birthplace of some excellent software engineers like Grace Hopper and Ken Thompson, there are lots of pools of talent waiting to be tapped across the globe.

China and other countries that were formerly behind on technology have begun to catch up with the West. This means that you may find some top notch talent in places such as China and Russia.

According to the site HackerRank, the best software engineers and developers you can find are located in China or Russia. HackerRank should know; they are a recruiting service as well as polling service offering programming challenges to more than a million coders. Some of the criteria include the ability to solve problems in various domains and platforms such as algorithms, C++, Java, or other languages. For this company, the United States actually lands in 28th place as a producer of exceptional programmers.

The top countries ordered by skill for top computer engineering talent are Japan, France, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Poland, Hong Kong, Finland, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. Japan leads in Artificial Intelligence (AI), France is best at C++ programming, Switzerland builds databases best, in Sri Lanka there are leading Distributed Systems engineers, Poland has cornered the market in Java, Hong Kong has mastered Python, Finland is home to Ruby experts, Ukrainian computer programmers (perhaps unsurprisingly) specialize in security, and in the Czech Republic programmers have the most proficiency with Shell.

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The types of software and programming tasks which countries excel at varies, just as the reasons for their specialty do. China and Russia have a large population, but it is more likely that their programmers achieve top marks and possess high skills because of the education system in the two countries. Their students are learning mathematics, science, and programming at a young age. There is an incredible amount of competition for education in China, so students tend to study very intensely from the time they are very young.

Japan’s industries of auto manufacturer and intelligent robotics may be part of the reason why the programmers in that country are very good at AI. Wherever there is a need for a type of programming, you will often find the best programmers rising to meet that need and specializing. In France, the government began to offer programming classes as early as elementary schools. This could be one reason for the excellence in C++. For Switzerland, where advanced programming seems to come ‘naturally’, this is the place where one of the first programming languages (Pascal) was created. Poland is another country offering Java and programming classes in school. The main theme of locating advanced skills seems to be education, lots of it early on in life for students. Jobs play another role. It is universal that people who wish to have a successful career will spend some time considering areas which are the most in demand. Those who fill the in demand roles have the most job security.

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While there may be various reasons for the best places where you can find the best programmers, it is useful to know these locations. Since different countries have different skills in software engineering and programming, working to the strengths of each is always a better plan than finding someone who can ‘generalize’ with their programming but not adapt to higher levels or more advanced tasks.

When putting together a project such as converged storage, you group many IT components into one optimized package. For instance, a server, networking equipment, and IT software for infrastructure management, automation, and implementation are all examples of converged infrastructure. Knowing where to look for each expert you need will give you an edge over the competition.

Rick Delgado
Rick Delgado is a freelance technology writer and commentator. Connect with him on Twitter @ricknotdelgaldo.

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