jBPM5 Roadmap Proposal

Feature Outline Based on Community Feedback

Jessica Thornsby

A proposal for the jBPM5 roadmap has been published. This document is based on the community feedback received as part of the jBPM5 request for comments. It is currently planned to update the document with new feature lists and dates, as more community feedback is collected.

According to the proposal, the first release of jBPM5 will include support for business processes in their entire life cycle, through a native BPMN2 engine and higher-level, domain-specific processes. The first release will also focus on the core of the jBPM5 components, with plans to extend the core with new features and tooling in future releases. A knowledge-orientated API will also be provided for loading process definitions and executing process instances, amongst other tasks.

jBPM is a Business Process Management (BPM) Suite that aims to be the bridge between non technical business users and developers. The first release of jBPM5 is currently scheduled for near the end of this year. The full proposal can be viewed now.


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