JAXConf 2011 Report

Exploring Java EE 6 for the Enterprise Developer


Principal product director at Oracle gives an overview of Java EE 6 and its new features.

The Java EE 6 platform contains a wealth of APIs: some have just been introduced (JAX-RS and Bean Validation); others have been around for a long time with little or no change (JMS). Because one must not forget: comparing EE6 to EE5 shows that over 50% haven’t changed at all, while about 11% are completely new.

So, some APIs have a long history, but they have also seen leaps in usability (EJBs). When writing an application, we often fall back on old habits. As a result, we overlook some new, often simpler, features that would allow us to solve the problem much faster. Pieter Humphrey, principal product director at Oracle, looked at the Java EE 6 programming model as a whole, dived into the different layers of a typical Java EE Web application and showed how to implement them using the latest Java EE features with WebLogic.

Pieter gave a great overview of Java EE 6 and its new features, interacting with the JAXconf audience.


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