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eXo 3.5 is Cloud bound

Chris Mayer

eXo 3.5 becomes interchangeable to the enterprise’s needs.Public/private cloud, social networking features and much much more

There seems to be a new cloud computing term every week, but now the self proclaimed ‘user experience platform-as-a-service’ (UXPaas) from eXo step forward with their latest cloud solution, eXo Platform 3.5.

This new release of eXo Platform is designed for organisations that want a cloud-enabled solution for creating and managing next-generation portal-based sites that facilitate engagements between colleagues, customers, or partners. This is with a heavy focus on integration capability with existing infrastructure.

eXo is able to offer multi-tenancy support for deployment in public and private clouds and secure access to personal dashboards, documents and activity streams via native mobile apps (iPhone or Android). The platform can also ‘mashup’ and enable gadget development for third-party app integration with a built-in web IDE.

eXo appears to be incredibly flexible to deal with whatever the enterprise’s needs are; whether their project needs are primarily social networking focused, for example.

Founder of eXo Benjamin Mestrallet was quick to state the importance of the product as a user experience cloud hub by saying:

Built on open standards and open source technologies, eXo Platform 3.5 has the features and extensibility of a UXP and the cloud architecture to build public and private clouds. We built the first true UXPaaS.

Imagine company ABC wanting to integrate their custom-built inventory application in an enterprise portal with social networking and document management capabilities, and then deliver that as a private cloud service to all their customers. eXo Platform 3.5 enables them to do just that — and to do it very efficiently.

Additionally, eXo Platform 3.5 includes a range of new or enhanced features for delivering a rich user experience:

  • Simpler, More Intuitive Interface: The new desktop mode allows users to access eXo Platform 3.5 services in a familiar and windowed environment, right within the browser.
  • Enhanced Social and Collaboration Tools: Rich collaboration features such as an enterprise Wiki, forums, polls, FAQs and shared calendar components (including remote calendar synchronization) are standard. Social network capabilities empower users to create work groups, follow activity streams of connections and groups, and more.
  • Improved Content Management: Enterprise Content Management features provide the ability to store, share, version and organise documents; integrate advanced workflows; and create dynamic content-rich websites. eXo Platform 3.5 introduces search engine optimization (SEO) features, improves Java Content Repository (JCR) performance, and enhances content explorer usability. Easier website authoring is facilitated by the new inline editing feature, making it possible to edit and publish content from the front-end in a single click.
  • Embedded IDE: An integrated web development environment (IDE) is embedded in eXo Platform 3.5, which enables an IT team to develop, customize and extend the experience presented to a user in a platform-based engagement environment. Developers can create and refine elements on the fly and deploy with one-click ease.

eXo is already in use by some of the world’s biggest companies such as HSBC and Allianz and also IT giant Red Hat. It’s available in Community (open source) and Enterprise editions but a 30-day trial version of eXo Platform 3.5 can be downloaded here. You’ll find all the new features here documented here

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