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Etsy Engineer Bethany Macri on preventing Cover-Your-Ass engineering

Coman Hamilton
Etsy engineer Bethany Macri speaks to editor Coman Hamilton

Following a keynote talk at the DevOpsCon 2015 in Berlin, Etsy’s Core Platform Engineer Bethany Macri spoke to us about what IT team leaders need to do to create a blameless programming culture and why Etsy is moving away from PostgreSQL.

It’s natural for all programmers to be afraid of making mistakes and losing their job. But by helping developers share and even celebrate their failures, enterprises can significantly improve development processes, says DevOpsCon keynote speaker Bethany Macri. “By acknowledging that failure is inevitable, we (at Etsy) created a safety net for ourselves,” the speaker told her DevOpsCon audience in Berlin.

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The Etsy programmer also explains why Etsy, a self-proclaimed metric-driven company decided to take the long road away from PostgreSQL and switch to MySQL over the past few years. Etsy is an online marketplace whose community spans the globe, with buyers and sellers coming from more than 150 countries, and, most interestingly, where every new developer is required to push on their first day at the job.

Coman Hamilton
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