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Ethereum blockchain development on the JVM

JAXenter Editorial Team

Interested in learning how to deploy and interact with smart contracts on Ethereum, all from within the JVM? In this session, Conor Svensson gives you a 101 on smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain distributed ledger technology continues to follow an unstoppable growth trajectory, further pushed by the crypto and ICO mania of 2017. In this talk, Conor Svensson brings things back down to earth, demystifying this technology in the process, and demonstrating how you can integrate JVM applications with the leading public blockchain technology, Ethereum.

He provides an overview of what blockchain/distributed ledger technology is and how the Ethereum blockchain works. Svensson also discusses smart contracts and demonstrates how you can deploy and interact with smart contracts on Ethereum, all from within the JVM thanks to the open-source library web3j. You’ll also learn about web3j’s modular structure, usage of RxJava, and the seamless integration with other parts of the ecosystem it provides such as the Ethereum Name Service and Truffle.


Conor Svensson is the author of web3j, the Java library for working with the Ethereum blockchain. He’s also the founder of who provides foundations for organizations to build on and work with blockchain technology.


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