Being good enough is bad

Essential qualities designers must have to survive 2016 and beyond

Keval Padia

In today’s competitive market, being a good designer is not enough; one must have the proper skills to thrive within a team. There are new devices, smart apps and social sharing techniques that teach us how to be better designers; if only it were that easy…

The entire IT industry is changing, which means that designers should have a set of qualities that were not considered relevant or important not long ago. The mastery of design skills and a good eye are important qualities that can transform a good designer into an exceptional one.

The approach of working with colleagues, the strong human values of respect and honesty influence not only designs but also help businesses to promote their brand. One should understand that in order to progress as a designer, one needs to acknowledge the elephant in the room: It is not a simple task to create new products and try to bridge the gap between design and the brand itself.

Designers should always rely on (and develop!) their tangible skills. There are certain characteristics that one can develop to truly move from just being a good designer to being an exceptional professional.

Accept criticism

One should take the positive parts of critical viewpoints. Separating yourself from your work will lessen the impact of the criticism. Don’t take it offensively, apply it if it’s worthwhile, and continue working on the project. It might turn out better than the last one. It is a process which continually evolves and helps you to get better at what you do.

Problem-solving skills

A good designer has the ability to be flexible at all times and can take proper decisions in adverse conditions. Creativity is needed if you want to create a finite product which satisfies clients’ expectations.

Humble personality

A willingness to embrace suggestions allows you to see how things really are and relate to the specific goals of the project. It is a reliable anchor that can help you to safely explore new ideas and eventually achieve success. Being down-to-earth gives a designer the openness to understand and filter the various perspectives coming from various professionals including bosses, clients and coworkers.

Being business savvy

One must be organized because clients rely on this quality. Meeting business goals calls for a true business savvy spirit. If a designer grasps the intention of the project and the requirements of the company, subsequently blending the two, they can certainly be a successful designer.

Eye for detail and a meticulous approach

An eye for detail is crucial for consistent UI and UX design. Grids, layout patterns, color palettes, these must all remain consistent. This type of passion leads to solid design and career decisions.

Good communication

Designers won’t get very far if they don’t understand their users and their job (which is to communicate a client’s story, brand and ideas articulately). You need to be able to speak bluntly about your design choices and why they work. Designers will need good communication skills in order to negotiate with clients.

Patient behavior

Among the hectic deadlines it takes ample patience to create a good idea and build an entire project based on it. Many creative alternatives need to be generated in order to avoid the extra effort. Designers have to go with the flow and explore multiple alternatives before they find the right one.


The lack of confidence (in yourself) will ultimately lead to a lack of confidence from the clients’ side. Confidence in yourself and your design ensures that you are constantly assessing your decisions and striving to do better. It’s a healthy habit and thinking logically about your design decisions will woo your client’s confidence instantly.

These are simply the qualities that stand out, and the qualities that the most successful designers have. Develop consistency and prove trustworthiness; it’s a sure road to a long and happy working relationship.

Keval Padia
Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. He is in the field of Android Game Development, with acute knowledge of Mobile App Design and Web Design. His vision is to become the best mobile app development company.

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