Emerging JavaFX Apps


The official website of the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 is using software platform JavaFX for displaying the medal history of the Winter Olympics games.

Other JavaFX apps include Full Screen Sketch, an application for free form drawing, and Shopping Service, which searches and displays products using Yahoo! Shopping Web Services API.

Some JavaFX apps currently under active development include TwiterFX, an open source JavaFX-based Twitter client. TwitterFX project lead Steven Herod, says that “a lot of the application’s features combine Java technology and JavaFX, using JavaFX for the visual side of things and then falling back to Java and its libraries and ecosystem for additional services.”

Some have speculated that JavaFX aims to compete with Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight. JavaFX uses the statically typed, declarative language JavaFX Script and will run on any desktop and browser that runs the Java Runtime Environment.

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